About me

Born in Como, I grew up in Moltrasio; after attending high school (qualification in classical studies), I studied in Milan and graduated in Law at the University of Milano – Bicocca.  Then, after winning 2016 Notary public contest, I was appointed as Notary in Lecco and since 2021 as Notary in Como.

I still remember the day I decided to become a Notary:  I was a very young child and I saw a TV report regarding different professions and, well, it was love at first sight.

I can only say that I went to my parents and I told them “I want to be a notary” and since then, I always worked for this goal: my entire life began revolving around this new journey. Like climbing a mountain it wasn't always easy but getting to the top became the only reason of my life.

What made me fall in love with this profession and never give up is that I looked at notary as my myth.

In the notary's role I found what I'd like to become: a serious and prepared specialist. A trustworthy and honest person in the service of the people, a guide that anyone would rely on.

From then to today, time has gone and society has changed, but I think that one thing never changed, and indeed, has  increased because of the complexity of the social evolution: it is the need for advice from a trusted person, a guide that makes simple what could seem complicated, a real point person for
almost every chance and challenge in our life.

So now that I work within the law, close to families and businesses to create appropriate legal solutions that satisfy both the law and the aims of both parties, I would be glad to share this adventure with You.