Real estate investment, purchase and sales, real estate funds

Do You want to buy your dream house in Italy to start a new life or simply to get a sunny spot where to spend Your holidays or retirement? Do you need to diversify your investments and did You choose Italian real estate market?

Whatever your goal is, buying immovable property is not a joke: it represents a considerable financial investment for everyone, so You have the right to expect high quality, safety, efficiency and a fast execution of the necessary formalities (think about the registration in the public registers, the collection and payment of taxes and the final issue of the ownership deed to the purchaser).

By drawing up acquisition and sales, exchanges, divisions of property contracts for real estate, Notary ensures legal certainty of transactions: our firm takes care of all the phases of the procedure, assisting the parties in the negotiation process, from the preliminary contract up to the conclusion of the final contract. We pay attention to all the aspects and we identify the critical issues in order to solve the problems (just think about mortgage controls, land registry, compliance to Italian cadastral or urban planning law).

Many are the options (villas, apartments, cultural heritage property, offices or agricultural land and buildings) but one is the specialist: Notary gives You an impartial advise on the most appropriate contract or instrument to achieve your practical goals, on financial planning and family budget planning and of course on tax profiles.

By authenticating the final agreement, the notary will give it probative value and enforceability that is protection for your foreign purchase.

If needed, we can prepare the right powers of attorney when You can't come to Italy to sign the deed or if You need to entitle your overseas property manager.