Foreign citizens, services for expats

Globalization, migration and freedom of movement between national borders are an increasingly phenomenon: increasing numbers of citizens live, study, marry, divorce and die in a State other than their own.

This situation often requires the notary to face foreign legal systems, applying foreign regulations or investigating the issues resulting from the legal principle of reciprocity. As notary firm we are able to identify, understand and apply the principles and rules of various legal systems.

We focus on marriage agreements and couple's property regime, on the purchase of assets (most of the time) located in Italy, on family matters (for example acknowledgment of paternity), on the authentication and legalization of documents to be send abroad (for examples powers of attorney, copy of the passport, Custodianship Declaration) or to be used in Italy and on companies owned by foreign people.

Let us drive You and advise about the various provisions that apply, which can vary from one  State to another. 

You can also rely on us in order to fulfill tax obligations relating to assets located in Italy or subject to Italian succession law, or to get full assistance in regards to “non contentious jurisdiction” (before the country's Courts but also before Italian embassies or consulates abroad) for example for the designation of a legal guardian, the declaration of assent to the expatriation or to apply for the passport for children.

And if You are abroad and you cannot come to Italy the day of the deed of sale, don't worry: in such cases we get your Italian tax code (codice fiscale), we prepare a draft of a Power of Attorney to be signed abroad and used in Italy and we assist you with international legalization of documents (Apostille seal included).

If needed by Your transactions, Notary is an escrow agent too and can certify documents as true copies of the originals or authenticate signatures on documents.


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