Escrow Agent

Are you abroad and You have to pay the seller but you don't have any Italian bank account? You should known that most common way to pay the purchase price or the remaining balance is the delivery of a banker’s draft (cashier’s cheque) at the time of the deed of sale.

If you have not an Italian bank account other payments could be a problem because the seller will sign the deed of sale only if you pay the entire price. This means that foreign banker's drafts should be obtained far in advance with a copy sent to the selling part to see if his/her bank will accept such a payment. Also international “immediate wire transfers” could be a problem (the funds should be both sent and received on the same day) and are quite expensive.

So you should consider Notary's escrow service: Notary uses a specific bank account so that you can send him the funds for completion. Then, when the Notary receives funds, he arranges payments on behalf of the buyer without the need to open any Italian bank account.

Are you searching for an independent depository for your transactions because you don't trust your counterpart (e.g. risk of default for financial difficulties)? Every time an objective uncertainty arises, you'd be better to use Notary escrow account as a useful tool to solve any kind of dispute during a negotiation.

Notary is the more serious and reliable escrow agent that you could afford: we prepare a detailed escrow agreement, we open a special escrow account (that nobody could expropriate) if requested, and we carry out the instructions fixed in the escrow agreement with transparency and fairness for all the parties.

Escrow Agent is an important form of guarantee also for foreign people who make an investment in a Italian company’s capital.