International Estate planning, last will, trusts and donations

Maybe You live and reside in Italy: then You must know that your succession could be subject to Italian law. Maybe You live abroad but You'd like to apply Italian law to your future probate.

Indeed, according to EU Regulation n. 650/2012, the law of Succession is not determined by the nationality of the deceased but by country of the last habitual residence. Foreigners, however, can dispose otherwise in their will, opting for the law of their nationality.

In all these situations we can suggest You the more effective solutions and the best clauses to provide legal certainty to Your will.

We also advise clients that have assets in different countries (International last will) or that are seeking to obtain recognition of a will in Italy and we provide you with a European Certificate of Succession to prove to any authority or bank in another EU country that you are entitled to the ownership of the deceased's assets.

Instead, if You inherit assets in Italy, You need us for the acceptance and renunciation of inheritance, division of property and for tax compliance: indeed Heirs and beneficiaries must present a tax declaration (Dichiarazione di successione) in order to calculate the relevant tax. To avoid penalties the declaration must be submitted to the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) within 12 months from the death and must list all the properties of the estate and their value.

The firm also establishes trusts and deals with donations, always looking after tax issues.

Last but not least, think about your Italian business' future: lack of preparation for transfer of companies is the main reason why they disappear.

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