The notary also deals with the preparation of general or special powers of attorney to and from abroad, for any kind of need, and provides various ancillary services

- in the corporate sector providing VAT number for New Companies, the preparation of start-up procedures, the keeping and conservation of documents of Companies and other entities and the related secretarial services;

- in the real estate contracting sector through consultancy in the preparation of private contracts of preliminary sales and the subsequent registration and fulfillment of the related tax obligations;

- in inheritance matters through consultancy in the drafting will and its conservation in deposit in order to guarantee its integrity and secure and continuous availability.

The Notary also can help You to get Your Nulla Osta in order to get married at Como Lake and in Italy too.

British citizens can avoid making an appointment at the British Embassy in Rome to give notice of their marriage, by downloading the Nulla Osta application pack, filling in the affirmation and notice of marriage and signing them in front of the Notary. Once signed, the documents can be sent to the embassy in Rome.

You don’t need to get a Nulla Osta legalised or translated.


(Please note: You need to be in Italy for 3 full days immediately before you give notice. You can then give notice by signing the forms in front of an Italian notary. This means if you arrive on Monday you cannot give notice until Friday). You’ll need to bring:

  • your passport
  • a copy of your partner’s passport
  • notice of marriage and affirmation or affidavit for marriage forms from the Nulla Osta application pack - you can fill in (but not sign) these in advance
  • a residency certificate issued by your local town hall (comune) in the last 3 months (if you’re a resident in Italy)
  • proof that you’ve been in Italy for at least the 3 full days before giving notice (if you’re not a resident) - for example a boarding pass or a hotel receipt

You must bring a residency certificate if you’re using an Italian address on your notice of marriage.