The firm

Dear Guest,

thanks for being here and welcome to the firm of Notary public Tiziano Ridi. Please let's introduce ourselves.

We are a young law firm that not only certifies the signature of a client but provides a full range of notarial services: legal instruments and contracts in any and all legal matters the law maker provides exclusive competence to notaries.

We are concentrated on civil law, commercial and tax law and we have one special mission: to combine tradition and modernity, safety and speed in legal transactions, legality and efficiency. For this reason our activity is carried out in a highly computerized way, using information technologies and innovative and ever more effective solutions to meet the need of people that have less and less time available, whilst guaranteeing the very highest legal certainty.

We are involved mainly in real estate transactions, family law and marriage contracts, corporate law and commercial transactions, company articles of incorporation, wills and testaments. You could rely on us if you need to purchase real estate, formalise a mortgage with a bank, get a power of attorney for a third party, set up or make changes to a company, make change to property ownership between spouses, donate assets.

We offer a customized service, based on the solution of your problems: all the practices are directly followed by the Notary with the support of the his team, before and after the closing of the deed.

If You have a legal issue that goes beyond the notarial competence or has connections with other specialized sectors, the firm avails itself of the consultancy of trusted and competent professionals to ensure the highest legal protection. Moreover the members of our team are chosen between profiles with proven preparation and experience.

You can easily reach our office in Lecco also from Como, Bergamo, Milan or from Switzerland.

So please, take a look at our offer and contact us for any legal question or need. The notary speaks English but also Spanish is understood.

Office hours

Our office is in via Roma n. 28 – Lecco

Opening/closing time

Monday through Friday
from 09:00 to 13:00
from 14:30 to 19:00

Saturday by appointment
from 14:00 to 19:00

   You can park here:

  • Parking “Piazza Affari”, near Lungo Lario Isonzo (about 100 meters);
  • Parking “Piazza Mazzini” near via Costituzione, (about 115 meters);
  • Covered Parking “ISOLAGO”, via Fratelli Cairoli n. 9, (about 220 meters).

You can get here also from “Lecco F.S.” Railway station or from “Largo Europa” bus station (about 5 minutes by walk).